Sometimes You Have to Withdraw

I think this applies to leadership at any level, truthfully I think it applies to everyone on every level. I have noticed that I really need time to myself. Especially, as a Pastor’s wife. It has taken me a long time to figure this out b/c I thought that since we were in ministry, I should love being around people all of the time. But, it can be very draining.  It was strange to me for a while because sometimes being in the mix of people didn’t bother me at all. Even those people just wanting to be critical and dump their opinions of how we should do everything were easy for me to deal with and move on. Other times, I just wanted to run away and hide. The difference was I had time away, time to myself. This in itself made me feel guilty, until I realized that even Jesus withdrew.

I mean Duh, if Jesus had to do it, why in the world did I think I could be Mrs. Extrovert when deep down I really needed time to myself.  I am a little introverted, I love being in the mix of people but I have to have that unplugged time to myself. That is right, I also realized that withdrawing also means from technology. I am not really withdrawing if I am plugged in to twitter or facebook. I have come to think that everyone needs this time of  “withdrawing”. Some people may need more than others, and some stuff works better for different people.

An example for me is that withdrawing usually includes being at home. Yesterday, my time of withdrawing was a couple of hours spent in the backyard with my son while he played in a pool.  I was able to enjoy him having a blast, pray, think, read, piddle with my patio garden. I can not tell you what being out in God’s creation does for me. I felt so restored. That little bit of time withdrawn at our home totally changed my mood and made me more able to sense how present God is in my life, constantly.

For some people it us just a 30 minute shower or bath at night, for some it is some quiet time before bed at night. Some people can go weeks without withdrawing and some need it everyday.

This has helped me be a better follower of Christ, wife, mother and leader.

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