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Our Savour Sisterhood page sends out daily devotions to the ladies of Oasis. Today’s post was about boldness. Here is a testimony of an amazing lady and what Fears she has overcome to be Fearless!!!

– April Richardson –

For those of you who know me, you would probably not guess that I am an extremely self-conscious, very self-critical person and have been that way all of my life. It has always been my dream to be a dance instructor, cheerleading coach, fitness instructor, to be a teacher of all the things I have always loved, but because I have always struggled with my weight, partnered by my tendencey to knitpick everything about myself, I never had the guts to actually pursue it because of my fear of what others would say or think.In August of 2010, my family and I went “church hunting” and found Oasis Church. We fell in love with the church, began to attend regularly, became members, and my realionship with the Lord became deeper and more intimate than it has been since I was born again and baptized in April of 2000. I began to get into the Word, apply our Sunday Experiences to my life, and have grown as a Christian in so many ways, it is amazing when I sit and think about it!I am now a certified Zumba instructor where I teach a Latin-based dance fitness class three days a week where all eyes are on me, studying my every move so the participants can do the steps correctly; I am Oasis Church’s dance team leader where I choreograph and perform dances at our Sunday Experiences that STREAM LIVE via Internet to thousands of people; and for the first time ever, this Easter, I will be performing a solo lyrical dance at our Easter Experiences in front of thousands of people!Yes, the same person who had a fear of getting up in front of people is doing all of this! However, the only person I have to be thankful for for these breakthroughs in my fear of being in the spotlight is the Lord! Because of the guidence of a wonderful staff of people at church, getting into the word and reading my Bible regularly, applying all the things I am learning and hearing to my life, and LETTING GO OF THE FEAR that has held me back for so many years, I am now living my dream!

Today’s post was so true to my life I could not hold this testimony in! So many of us fear so much in life, and that truly is what is holding us back, but if we could see ourselves as God sees us, if we could see ourselves through His eyes, then we would know that anything is possible and with His Holy Spirit guiding us, we can do ANYTHING!

I hope this comment will be an inspiration to anyone who reads this that lives with daily fears that are holding you back from making all of your dreams come true! Through Christ, we can do anything!

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  1. Toni & April thank u for the inspiration to never give up on self. It wasn’t to long ago I was in the classes with u on Tuesday nights at Oasis. Zumba’in away an thank God that I can do this with his will an U. Now I live in New Boston, TX Zumba’in away with it on my Wii.

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