Divide and Conquer

Up, coffee, breakfast, iron, get ready, fix lunchbox, kid to school, meetings, work, home, baseball, grocery store, late dinner, shower, bed. REPEAT.

Ya’ll know the story. Tons of responsibilities, the day is spent just trying to divide and conquer them all. So what do we do?? “Be Aware” that is what we do. Eric spoke about being aware of others this past Sunday, but you should also stop and be aware of what your day is consumed with. Stop and take inventory. Track how much time you spend doing what. After you take inventory then you can start deciding what things should be eliminated from your list. Some seasons in our lives are just busier than others. I am sure one day when my son is much older I will long for the days spend watching him practice baseball.  Don’t be so consumed with what all you have going on that you are unaware of all the people in your life.  We get so busy we  tend to take for granted how busy others are, or how other people are actually helping us. Also, be aware and take advantage of every little moment. Even if it is a moment that you can rest, pray, talk to your kids. Be Aware, don’t let your days fly by just to lay your head down at night wondering what it was you even did today.


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