Why You Gotta Be so Mean?

So obviously I stole this title from Taylor Swift’s song.  It’s a catchy little tune about a mean x-boyfriend. It was on the radio this morning and that one little line “Why You Gotta Be so Mean?” Just keeps running through my mind. Like Taylor Swift or not, she has a really good point. Why does everyone have to be so mean? I mean, really.. everywhere I go I see people just acting ridiculous. Baseball fields, grocery store, highway, gas station…. CHURCH!

Why does meanness seam to be the new trend. Lots of people seem to have a cynical, bossy, condemning , dramatic attitude. Why? I think people are super confused. They tend to want authority and so they start being bossy, pushy and mean. The best leaders do not have  to push their way to a position, God places them there. Truthfully, people trying to lead just so they can be mean and bossy just really annoy me.  True leaders have a boldness and confidence to the position God has placed them in, but meanness, no.. not usually.  They are able to use their God given authority to do what needs to be done, but they do it out love and compassion. ( Again, the best ones.. I know some of you know some mean leaders!) Sometimes that does mean they have to be firm, because they are responsible. But the majority of them are not trying to just be mean.

Jealousy seems to be the green eyed monster that causes a lot of meanness as well.  If you are just being mean to someone, it is usually not because of their problems, but yours. In fact,  a lot of times you are just jealous of them for some reason or another.

I have also heard the “Well, that is just the way I am.” No.. you are choosing to be that way!  You can be bold and outspoken without being mean! Meanness is not what drew people to Jesus. It was His  compassion, grace and mercy.

So, are you mean? Why? Ask God to help you love people!


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