The Difference

A sweet young lady stopped my husband and I after the 11:00 experience this past Sunday. She wanted to let us know that they had been visiting churches recently and had visited Oasis before. This morning, she woke up and asked her little girl what she wanted to do today. Her little girl replied that she really wanted to go to church. Her mom said, “Great, which church would you like to go back to?” The little girl told her that she wanted to come to Oasis.  The mom was very excited that a church actually stuck out to her daughter and that it made her really want to get up and come to church.  So, this family is here now because of this little girl!

But, this little girl wanted to come because of the difference that The Wave is making in the lives of children.  We have an amazing Family Ministries Director and she has put together an amazing team of people that love to teach children in a creative way about God.  These people are making a huge difference!!! These people are making a difference because of all of the other people at Oasis that give!! You see, ministry takes money. Don’t think that for a second that what you give is insufficient. Everyone can give something, and God can multiply that something and turn it in to a decision a little girl makes to wake up and come to church.  Be the change, make the difference. Make your life about giving, whether it is your time, your money, your service, your encouragement, your love. Start today.

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  1. Our Dream Team has such a heart and passion for our Oasis kids! They create an atmosphere that is inviting to children and the Holy Spirit! My heart’s cry is that these kids are empowered to take Jesus to the streets, to their schools, and to their homes, where they will shine like bright lights!

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