The List

I know that a lot of people are anti New Year’s resolutions. I myself have not been one to usually come up with a bunch of New Year’s resolutions. Mainly because I knew there were not many of them that I would stick to. However, I really feel this year that it is great time for goal setting. I am filled with so much anticipation about this year. My husband and I have spent a lot of time discussing our lives and some of the things that we need to change to improve the quality of our lives. I love my life and sometimes find myself burning the candle at both ends. So here is my list for things I am implementing that will begin project improvement of the quality of my life!!

These are in no particular order.

1. More Giving, Less Spending  // when I look at how much was spent that I am not even very sure where it went, I know something needs to change. I need to be more aware of where the money is going. I also want to be sure that I give more, more money, more time, more love.. more.

2.  More Positive, Less Negative // in ministry, and really anything in life, we all get hurt and betrayed. It has really astounded me how the feelings caused by hurt and betrayal can be so dominant over those feelings caused by those that are all in with you and love and support you. I am making a decision to change that. Focusing on the positive more will help me focus on the negative less.

3. More Nutrition, Less Junk // My family is not overweight, but I would not say we are healthy either.  Too much sugar intake around my house and I am the worst. Sugar is certainly my weakness!! I am a junk food junkie and passing those habits right along to our son. So, we are changing the way we eat at my house!!

4. More Exercise, Less Out of Shape // We are by far not lazy people, but we do not spend a lot of time in things that require a lot of physical activity. So, Eric and I joined a gym. We are totally pumped and most of all determined.  The benefits of exercise are astounding and we know this is an area of our lives that needs to change to better the quality of our lives!

5. More Quality Time,  Less Busyness / We have realized that we are so busy, when we are all home together we don’t really rest.. we crash.  So, we are going to improve our schedules and take more time to chill together as a family. We are determined to have more quality time together with each other and with our son. Not times when we are together but hurried and anxious. Times that we are calm, restful and enjoying one another. My days are numbered, I want every moment to count. More time spend doing the right things.

6.  More of Him, Less of Me / I know only with God’s help can this list even think about getting accomplished. The best way to improve my quality of life is turn this life over to God completely. He knows what is best for me!! My decisions need to be based more on Him than on Me. I know He only wants the best for me and sometimes that is not always what I think it is.

There ya go.. would love to hear something from your project improving quality of life list!!