Remember to Breathe… You need Air!

Breathing usually comes naturally, we don’t have to think about it. Our bodies need oxygen so we breathe in, breathe out.  But how many of us actually take breaths.. You know, actually pause and take a deep breath.  Most of us stay so busy that we forget we need air.  We stay so confined and tied down to all of the many things that we think we have to do for everyone around us that we are not light and unburdened. We are heavy and it feels like we are wading through mud, not floating on a cloud. We take no time to get air for ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to become self-absorbed and try to figure out how you can get lazy and do nothing. Nor am I saying to make everything about pampering yourself.  But you need some air time. It is different for everyone, but you must do something for you everyday. A healthy person is healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually.

So.. what can you do. Here are few ideas!

1. Wake up early and go for a 20 minute walk.

2. Do a devotion in the mornings and spend time in prayer.

3. Get to the office early, turn on a little Michael Buble (my fav) and get settled in.

4.  Pick up that book that has been on your nightstand for months and spend some time reading.

5. Stop… and watch your kids play.

6.  Call a friend up, go have lunch together.

7. Do something creative: write, paint, cook, bake, create!

8.  Sit outside and meditate on what a beautiful world God created.

9. Go on a date with you spouse!

10.  Chocolate and Coffee!!

Breathe, you need air. Love to hear what you do for a little air time!!

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