“Everyday I’m Shufflin”

Last night we had such a great time. Our church co-sponsors along with our city the Trunk or Treat event downtown each year.  This year we had a flash mob dance to the chorus of the Rock Party Anthem song.  After that there was lots of dancing to the electric slide and the Cupid Shuffle. Funny thing is, most of the dancing was done by our leaders!! We had so much fun together.

Today, I have been thinking a lot about how much we have going on in our lives. We shuffle through a lot of stuff!! I love it that way and enjoy living life to the fullest.. however, I think one of the things I don’t seem to include in my daily shuffling is having fun with the people I do life with. I certainly have the work hard part down, but not always the play part.  God has placed some very hard working and passionate people in my life, cool thing is they are also people that are great to have fun with…

So… slide some fun into your daily mix.

“Everyday, I’m shufflin.. duh duh duh duh duh da duh”

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