Spoonful of Sugar

I read a very disturbing article this morning about sugar. I must say that it was so disturbing to me because sugar is my weakness. For instance, my favorite thing is cake! Especially birthday cake, oh my gosh, I absolutely love it. This article was talking about how much sugar depletes your immune system. Here are the stats:

The average American consumes 32 teaspoons of sugar a day. Six teaspoons at one sitting deplete your immune system by 25 %.  Twelve teaspoons by 60 percent and 24 teaspoons decrease immune function by 92 %.

These stats were astounding to me, especially considering that a can of Coke has more than 8 teaspoons of sugar. That is just crazy. 24 teaspoons can practically shut down our immune systems. No wonder I tend to feel sick and almost crash some afternoons. I heard someone say once that Eve was tempted by food and shortly after had to have new clothes. 🙂  Considering that I am responsible for what my family eats, this information has really challenged me. I truly believe this is one of the reasons that I feel so drained sometimes. I am challenged to cut my sugar intake and protect my family from consuming too much sugar and just see if we don’t all feel better!! I challenge you to do the same. I don’t know about you, but I need by entire immune system to be functioning properly!!

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