Definition of CONTENTED

 feeling or showing satisfaction with one’s possessions, status, or situation <a contented smile>According to this definition of contented, I would be willing to say that the majority of us are not contented. In fact, when looking around, not only are most people not feeling satisfaction with their possessions, statuses or situations, but they are not showing it either.  It is a crisis in my opinion. God did not want us to live discontented lives. Contentment isn’t having no ambition, but understanding that wherever you are right now and whatever you are going through is just a season. It is making the best of where you are and what you have. Focusing on all of the good instead of the bad. You will find whatever you are looking for whether good or bad!

I myself struggle with always trying to get to the next thing. I am learning to stop and slow down and enjoy where I am in the moment.  Savoring each and every moment in my life!! Contentment is knowing that I have everything in life that I could possibly need. We shouldn’t let our being contented be led by our wants because new things become old things very quickly. Instead, we should focus on having a strong relationship with God, and chasing after his heart, is what can lead us to a strong foundation of contentment. I hope and long to be a person of contentment,  not just one that feels it,  but also one that shows it. If I have more than what I think I can handle, I can always give it to God! My contentment in this life shouldn’t be based on my situations but solely on my Father in Heaven!

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  1. This article about sugar is kinda funny cause it is EXACTLY what God has been laying on my heart to give up! I guess you can’t ask for better confirmation than this!


    1. That is awesome!! It is really tough for me.. I am trying.. I have cut back but am a long way from giving it up! My body is hooked on it.. not good!

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