Who Gets Your Best??

I was thinking today about how busy most of us are.. and how that busyness affects our relationships! I got to thinking about giving our best… We are told to always do things in excellence and give our best and a lot of us really try to do that.

However, who gets our best? Most of us, if honest, would admit that we don’t really give our best in every area of our lives. Usually it is just one maybe two areas and the rest of them suffer. Well, let’s look at like this.. who gets the best of you? Who gets the smiling, laughing, fun, energetic, encouraging, loving you and who gets the cranky, mad, impatient, negative, short you????

You all know what I mean.. you try so hard with some and then with those closest to us sometimes we don’t try quite so hard. The bad news is.. you are who you at home. If you find yourself 2 different people.. the one at home is the real you.  So maybe it is not really a question of who is getting your best but who are you?

Just some of my ramblings today… tell me what you think!

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