Lessons from the Little Boys of Fall

My 8 year old is playing football for the first time this year. We are on the football field for 3 nights a week for practice. I must admit that at first I was terrified, but I have realized that if he wants to play the safest thing to do is let him learn while he is at this age.

So, last night one of the coaches was really working with Ethan on his stance.  (They have been working with him every practice on this.)  It is kind of funny because he always has such a hard time not dropping his bottom to just about the ground.  I heard the coach yesterday after he had fixed Ethan’s stance stand there and holler at him about holding that stance.. it went something like ” I know it burns those legs, but you can do it, hold it, hold it, hold that stance” and when the whistle blew he was off.  He wants him in the proper stance so when the whistle blows all he has to do is move forward. He won’t have to stand up and then move, he is ready!

Man, I thought last night.. that is kind of how ministry can be. Sometimes it hurts to do the right thing, sometimes it is painful to be on the front lines of the battle field, sometimes we get really burned! Most of us, if honest, would say that we don’t stay ready… it gets to be uncomfortable and we drop to the ground too… then when the whistle is blown we are slow on the take off and get knocked to the ground.  Sometimes all we need is someone along side us hollering at us not to give up and believing we can do it. Ethan wasn’t mad at his coach, he knew he was trying to help him. Oh if only sometimes we had the maturity of some 8 year olds on the football field.  The first thing they have to get is a good stance…. to be good on defense, offense.. whatever. They have to be ready…

How is your stance? Are you ready at any moment to go into battle, or would it take you a while to get going? Have you already been knocked down and just taken yourself out of the game?

I encourage you today, get up, keep trying.. .God has a plan and we all need to have a good stance!!

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