Celebrate the Differences

Yesterday, as part of our Life Support series my husband talked a lot about marriage. This was the Home Health part of our series.  One of the things he spent some time on as part of the 4 week challenge was Celebrating Differences. Too often we think that our differences with other people are their faults.. but this is not true. Differences are what make us unique, what allows us to bring our gifts to the table, what makes us able to help other people.

My husband challenged everyone to not look at the negative.. but Celebrate the Differences you and your spouse have! He mentioned that he and I have very little in common. That is very true and that is what makes us have a fun marriage…

So.. here are some differences between myself and my husband that I Celebrate today!!

– He has always been a talker!!! I was always really quiet.. he has encouraged me to step out more and I have found that I love speaking in public. I, in turn have encouraged him that sometimes it is better to say nothing.

– He has always been very organized… I was not so much. Now however, I am. I realized a long time ago how important it was to him and now it is one of the things I am very good at. It has changed my life and leadership.

– He loves football! I don’t know the first thing about it. However, I love that he enjoys it so much and that our son has picked up the love of the game as well… so  I love football with the 2 of them.

– I do not like to share!! Food that is.. and he only wants just a little of my ice cream but never a whole bowl for himself. Works out that I have to share and don’t end up eating as much ice cream anyway.

– He can be too blunt, I can be too nice. We balance each other out well.

– He use to have no mercy, I use to enable people with all of my so called “mercy”… we have given each other a little of both and are both much more balanced people..

These are just a few.. I could go on and on. If he were just like me, we would drive each other crazy. I thank God, He knew just what I needed and I love the way together we make a crazy awesome team!!

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