If the Shoe Fits









This week we are having our Quarterly Women’s Gathering. We call it Savour Sisterhood.  We will be talking about shoes…. yes, I LOVE shoes.  The theme of our night is how sometimes we keep trying to wear everyone else’s shoes and lose sight of the fact that God has a perfect fit for us. When we started out in ministry 10 years ago, I kept trying on everyone else’s shoes. There were qualities about other Pastor’s wives that I thought I should have. Ways things were done that I would try to do exactly the same. I found out it was exhausting and uncomfortable. I always had on the wrong shoes. I was trying to wear stilettos while hiking or snow boots to the beach. Needless to say it was not working out.

I had to come to the place where I realized God had a perfect fit as a Pastor’s wife for me. It didn’t have to look like everyone else. I seemed to always see everyone else’s gifts as my inabilities. I took my eyes off of God too much and kept them on other people. We make connections with other people to help complete each other not compete. I hope I can encourage you as a wife, mom, employee, business owner, pastor, friend, daughter, sister… Be who God created you to be. Yes, learn from others.. but don’t try to make your feet fit perfectly in to their shoes.

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