I found out when I was in about the 5th grade that I was nearsighted. My mom and I were on the way to school and I asked her what the number on the back of a school bus was in front of us. Yeah, the big black number. At first, she thought that I was being silly.. but I explained to her that I really couldn’t see it. Of course, she made an appointment for me to got to an eye doctor that afternoon. I remember her asking me why I had not told her that I couldn’t see well. I told her that I had no idea that I couldn’t see well. I thought everyone saw like I did… I had no idea that my vision was impaired. You see, I could see just fine close up.. but not far away. So, I really had no idea anything was wrong.

Isn’t that how most of us walk around all of the time… Our vision is impaired and we have no idea. We don’t even realize we could have a capacity to see a lot more and in a lot more detail than what we currently do.  Being nearsighted, without corrective lenses, I only see what is right in front of me well. Everything farther out is distorted. I have to have something to correct my vision.  I have to realize my vision is not normal and others can see farther than I can.

It can be difficult when leading people. Everyone always wants to know why you do everything that you do. You are constantly questioned. People that are employers have a very difficult time. I see a culture today of people who automatically resent their employer because they are in authority over them. Instead of always being critical and assuming the worse about your boss or leader, try giving them the benefit of the doubt.. maybe they have been given some insight.. and can see a little farther down the road.

We all get nearsighted and focus only on what is right in front of our faces. Our four and no more, only how things effect us.  The world is much bigger than that and we are called to have a greater impact than that. I pray that you realize you have a much bigger destiny than what you think and that through a growing relationship with Jesus you would be able to see a little farther out than right in front of you.

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  1. Great post, Toni! It can get fatiguing to constantly have to defend your position. It’s so refreshing when people trust my experience and perspective as a leader. That,in turn, makes it easy for me to empower them.

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