Family Vision

All the kids are back to school!! As I have mentioned before, I like the routine of it all! However, there is much to be done!! Clothes, lunches, housework, office work… you guys know how that is!!!   So… let’s help each other!!

One of the things that I do, is on the weekend I iron Ethan’s clothes for the whole next week of school. I have an organizer that hangs in his closet that lists the days of the week and I place his clothes in each slot. When he wakes up he gets his clothes and gets dressed. I don’t have to tell him, or pick out clothes, or argue about clothes.. it works great!! You can get these organizers at

The Bible says that where there is no vision the people perish. I take this seriously… even in my home. We have a vision for our home and our family. We want it to run smoothly. For it to be a comfortable safe place for us. I don’t want it to be a place of being rushed, running around doing things last minute, or stress. I want it to be our refuge, our favorite place, a place of comfort and warmth. This is the vision that helps me focus my time in energy on keeping my home organized and full of love not stress.  Obviously, I don’t have all of this figured out.. but I strive for it.  Without this vision I may not stay motivated and on top of things like I should. Without this vision.. my housework would certainly perish.  🙂

We think it so common to have vision for church or a clear vision for your business. Yet, we don’t seem to focus much on family and home vision. Yet, the church and business world sits on the foundation of the family. This should be even more important then!! It needs to be communicated among the family and everyone should work toward those goals!!

So what is the vision for your family?? What do you to work toward that vision?? Leave some comments so we can all help each other!!!

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