A New Day…

The first day of school today! Can’t believe that my little guy is in the 3rd grade. He has been hanging with me most of the summer around the church, he kept saying he really didn’t want to go back to school. However, his actions told a very different story. He was up before his alarm went off, dressed before I even got out of the shower and in the Tahoe waiting on us to come out. It was so funny. He is a kid that functions much better in routines. I myself am that way as well.  Not so routine that I have no margin time, but routine enough that everything is handled and there is margin time!

So, I enjoy the routine of school and getting into the office. We have very busy schedules and usually we do pretty good with them.   The summer has been kind of rough for us. We were in a car accident, I had oral surgery, everyone was taking road trips… ! Today, I felt like it was the dawn of a new day, back to some organization!!

We just came back last week from a road trip to North Carolina where I have a lot of family. We actually went for a family reunion.  I lived up there with my parents for about 8 years, during the early teen years. My dad has an Aunt Mary and Uncle E.G Turner that were more like grandparents to me that live there. They are in their early 70’s and in very good health!! She still travels the country playing Sr. Basketball… she is pretty awesome too! He still tends his large gardens and vineyards. I loved being there and them showing me all that they do. I realized that the reason they can still do all of those things is because they still do all of those things.  🙂

I want my family to be that way, we are.. but I want to be more intentional about it.  I want us to be a family of doers and givers.  So, we keep ourselves organized, planned out and free to do and give.. not just free to sit in front of televisions!! A new day… so ready for it!

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