Will You Forgive Me?

We have been in the Getting Past Your Past series at Oasis this month. Yesterday’s message was “Initiating Forgiveness”.  This can be quite a touchy subject as most people do not want to own up to wronging someone else. At most, you might get a quick…sorry… out of some people who has jumped to conclusions about you or hurt your feelings. But a real apology, most of us do not even know how to do that anymore. I thought my husband navigated very well through this very challenging message!!

To me, the most challenging part was about asking for forgiveness. We tend to try to figure out who is the most at fault and wait on an apology from the other party. But, if we are at fault even just a little, it is our responsibility to initiate the process of forgiveness.  Matthew5:23-24 talks about not even worshipping God if you know someone has something against you and you haven’t tried to make it right.  WOW!! Must be important. This does not been a half-hearted … sorry….

This means laying down your pride and saying, “I know I hurt or wronged you, Will You Forgive Me?”

Wouldn’t our world be different if we treated others like this…?

Wouldn’t our churches be different if we treated others like this..?

Wouldn’t our homes be different if we treated our families like this..?

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