Be Where You Are

This sofa looks a little like our sofa at home. Not exactly.. but similar. It is very large! We can easily seat 8 people on our sofa! I love it!! I love being able to have people over and everyone have a spot to sit so that we can all be together! Obviously, at the end of the day, I find myself on this sofa  a lot. Usually checking emails or playing Hanging with Friends, which I don’t recommend because it is way too addictive. It is kind of weird b/c when sitting on this sofa, I am connecting on social media, but not with the other people sitting on this sofa with me. Which was the complete intention of this purchase.  When I stopped to think about it, I realized I was not really sitting on this sofa with the ones I love, I was with the ones on my facebook page.  I wasn’t where I was. Nothing is wrong with facebook, but I have plenty of other time to do that or check my emails. The world will not go completely dysfunctional if I delay checking my email.  However, my family might if I don’t start being where I am.


This seems to be such a terrible problem plaguing our culture. Through technology, we try to connect more. But, in person we are connecting less.  I personally I have made it a goal to be where I am. Enjoy those that I am with. If I am on a date night with my husband, I am going to be out with my man, not on the phone with someone else. If I am at home with my son, I am going to be with my son and not with facebook friends. If I am at work, I am going to be at work with my staff, not shopping online. I am going to try and relearn the art of conversation and friendships.  I am  encouraging our staff to begin to put this in practice as well. When you really sit down and think about it.. you will too probably realize, you are rarely where you are.  I am going to choose to honor those around me by really being with them.

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