Every Second Counts

Last week, my son and I were involved in an auto accident.  We were on the way in to the office, going straight, 25 mph in a 30 mph zone. Both of my hands were on the wheel, I was not on the phone…. you get the picture. Then out of no where, this very young man hit us in the front left panel of my car. I had no time to react, I saw nothing but a headlight. He was going the opposite direction as us and decided to turn. Witnesses say he was speeding and squealed tires as he turned and then struck us. It spun my car to where the back end hit his truck, threw us up over a curb and into someone’s yard. Airbags deployed and the whole works.  We crawled safely out of the car to see it had been totaled.  Besides a couple of bruises and a really sore back and neck, I was completely fine. Of course we went to the ER to check out the neck pain and everything seemed to be ok. The only complaint my 8 year old gave to the triage nurse was that is chest hurt where his mom reached over and slapped him. I, however, was completely unaware that I did that. But he was right, my arm had the airbag burn to prove it.

Amazing story. God protected us, of this I have no doubt. He is mighty and powerful and kept us safe. I don’t know why it happened, but I know my God will turn it all in to something good. It is already renewed my own passion, the goodness of God astounds me.  I also know that if we had been 2 seconds earlier, it may have been a different story. I know my God could still of protected us, but 2 seconds would of meant direct T-Bone. We were a little late leaving the house that morning. We could of been seconds later and missed it all together. I don’t know why it happens, but I do know everything can change in a matter of seconds.  There is not one second of our lives that doesn’t count. I am thankful to have many seconds left in mine, I am not going to waste them. I pray that God opens my eyes to every opportunity he places before me. I know every second counts….

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  1. I am glad that yall are safe!Thank you for sharing your relationship with God with me it inspires me to want to become closer to Him!

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