Self – Less

On Wednesday nights I have been teaching a class I titled “Becoming”.. it is about the fruits of the spirit. We have had a wonderful time and I have really enjoyed it.  In preparing for it, I have been challenged a lot myself!! Last night we talked about joy, peace, and patience. It really hit me this morning that in order to really enjoy all of the fruits of the spirit more, I just really need to quit being selfish. I need to think of myself less in every area!!

Being so focused on self is the quickest way to create a leak, where all of the fruits of the spirit start draining out.  An inward focus makes things all about me… it causes people to lose patience with others, to worry about every little thing.. you get the picture!!!

Some challenges this week:

At home: Think of yourself less and your family more. What would your husband enjoy doing this weekend?  What would your kids like to do? I know what you are already thinking.. but I would just be the one who has to do it all… quit thinking of you.. at least just this time. You may find joy in creating a special weekend for your family.

At work: Think of yourself less and you employer and co-workers more.  What could you do to assist those you work with more?  How could you be of better service? What could you do do improve the  workplace atmosphere? You are already thinking ” I have enough to do , and I am not even appreciated for what I am doing.”  Well.. if you are getting a paycheck, you must be appreciated!! Try going above and beyond!

Someone Else: Take some of your precious time and help someone else!

Church: Call your church office today and see if how you can get plugged into volunteering at the House!!

In all of these: I know you were thinking spending more time with God should of been the first thing on this list. God is too big for this list. He doesn’t deserve the top spot.. He is the whole thing. Through each area of your life, include God. Everything should not be apart from God, but intertwined with Him!!

Think of yourself a little less, and you will begin to enjoy life a little more!

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