“Becoming” Leaders

Last night I started a new Wednesday series called “Becoming”. It is about the fruits of the Spirit and Becoming all that God wants us to be! We had a great time!!!

This morning as I was reflecting on the class I got to thinking about leadership.  None of us have arrived into our full leadership potential. God is developing our leadership skills. As Lead Pastors, raising up leaders is part of our main responsibility! When evaluating leaders, I realized this morning the main growth area that I need to be looking at is the fruits of the Spirit. How much are they growing in those areas? Has their love, honor and respect intensified or has their authority intensified?  Are their hearts getting bigger or are their heads getting bigger?? I have come to realize that if you can’t follow you can’t lead…. If you don’t respect authority, you shouldn’t be given the very thing you don’t respect. God has called us all to be leaders… I challenge you to dig into the Word of God and find out the kind of leaders He wants you to be. We are all Becoming something… are you becoming fuller of God or fuller of yourself???

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