Egg Mania

So.. yes, we are doing an egg drop this year. We have been planning it for a year and here we go.. T minus one more week!!!!! We are all so excited and nervous that we could just scream!! I made the horrible mistake of you tubing helicopter egg drops… to my shock and horror most of them turned out really scary.. I mean like eggs getting blown out at kids and everyone running and screaming.  The cool thing is that everyone our Outreach staff contacted that had done an egg drop before was so willing and open to share the things that worked for them and the things that did not.

Some of the other cool things are the way God has provided for this. First of all, we are being allowed to use the High School football stadium thanks to our amazing board of education. Second, the sheriff’s department is going to fly the helicopter and drop the eggs for us. Third, we have 20,000 stuffed easter eggs thanks to a lot of volunteers and our Outreach Pastors. Fourth, we have 900 prizes thanks to people at Oasis donating them. Fifth, we have an xbox, tv and ipod to give away thanks to some more people at Oasis giving!

So.. yeah.. we have been blasted about how much money it is costing us to do this community event.. but the cool thing is .. it is barely costing us. Jesus took the bill.

When we started this a year ago, we knew it was a huge vision. We didn’t know how it was going to happen we just knew we were suppose to do it. So my husband, being the leader he is, let everyone know last year .. we are doing an Easter Egg Drop in 2011..  He had no idea how but he knew it was going to happen!!

So here we are! Everything provided for and God picked up the tab! It really just blows my mind!

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