Better for Best

Ever been right in the middle of change…. of course you have! Things are always changing. Some changes are exciting, some scary, some welcomed and some unwanted. Either way, change is inevitable. One of the scariest changes to me is when you are letting go of something that was good, it was better… for the best! It is easy to change something that is really bad for something better, but what about letting go of what was better to grab on to the best! It can be a leap of faith to go for God’s best for your life.  Too many times when the opportunity for God’s best is in front of us, we let it slip by because what we have was better than what we had and we are scared to let go of it.  So.. we missed that because of this.  A lot of times the best is a little disguised, maybe God’ s best doesn’t seem like the smartest move, or the most financially stable… maybe the better is where we should stay… that is what we convince ourselves.  We tend to worry too much about how God will work it out and we wait for the plans to be told to us before we let go of this for that. God’s best requires faith. Everything big takes some kind of faith. God wants you trust that He has your best in mind, it may not always look like the picture you had in your head, but He knows what is best for us. Let Him be the artist in your life. He can paint you the way He sees you, not the way we see ourselves. What is better that is keeping you from the best.. and what is this you are holding on to in your life that is stopping you from that…

Just thoughts from my life this week!