The One

We are starting a singles ministry at Oasis… SoLo. I am excited about it, I think it will be great. Being single is hard, I know most of them say they are just looking for “The One”!

My family is going through some transitions right now in our lives. God is showing us some things and beginning to bring serious order to our lives so that great things can be done. As the years go by I have realized and realize more today than ever that marriage isn’t about being with THE ONE as much as it is about being THE ONE.  I read a blog by Steven Furtick about this the other day, and it really is true. I need to be whatever it is that my husband needs me to be! I need to be THE ONE God needs me to be, I need to be the wife, mother and leader of Oasis that God has called me to be. I need to be THE ONE person God made me to be.  In a marriage, you need to be headed the same direction and have the same goals. My husband and I complete each other, he is what I need and I am what he needs. If you are married, I encourage you to evaluate.. are you THE ONE. If you are single, take a look at yourself… while on your search for THE ONE, you might want to be sure you are working on becoming THE ONE God wants you be…

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