An Occasion

John 11:4 The Message
When Jesus got the message, he said, “This sickness is not fatal. It will become an occasion to show God’s glory by glorifying God’s Son.”

Wow.. there is so much sickness going around right now. I myself have been battling it for a while. I was ready to go outside and just scream, if I had of had the lung capacity to do so. I was sick for about a month. It started out around the 1st with a sinus infection, then I got another sinus infection, then the flu, and then pneumonia. During the pneumonia, which I am still recovering from, I had a severe allergic reaction to my meds and they had to switch them. It has been quite an ordeal. I have never been put down that bad before!! There were times I was thinking… um.. Hello, God.. Help…???

But I am finally recovering and back at work. What is funny is that I feel so happy to be able to feel happy. Glad I can get up and go somewhere! Through it all I really realized that I take absolutely no time to take care of myself. I was so wore down and unhealthy my body just couldn’t fight anything off. Sometimes, we get so busy trying to handle everyone and everything that we leave our own selves completely not taken care of. So, I am going to take more time to enjoy my life. I am slowing it down.. I am going to eat better, and exercise more. I am going to schedule more down time in my life and more time to enjoy my family.

Being sick was an occasion to help me refocus my life… I am going to be fine.. in fact when it is all over, I am going to be better. An occasion to glorify Jesus!

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