Not Me!!

I LOVE Christmas.. I get all into, I think I have helped decorate like 5 trees. I have 3 in my house… Yep.. I know.. a little crazy. But that is ok, that is who I am.. a tad crazy. Anyway, then to get around a person that is Scrooge like, really brings me down. It seems to take some of my upbeat Christmas excitement away!! I have noticed it in every area really. I can be a good enjoyable mood and then get around someone who is ill or snappy and I let that affect me. I get into the same exact mood… then I realize.. that is not me.. that is not the mood I was in. I actually take on other people’s moods. I tend to turn into a mirror! I mirror their attitude. … oh my. This is just a terrible thing to do. I have a real problem with it. I should be a reflection of Christ and who He made me to be. The Bible says to guard your heart and I know that I have to quit letting things go straight to my heart. I must quit mirroring others moods. Instead I need to deflect other people’s attitudes and moods. I need to stay me.. no matter how anyone else is being!! Anyway.. just my ramblings.. don’t let anyone pull you into to being a scrooge!!!

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