I love Thanksgiving. Number one.. I have 3 days off of work!! I get to spend that time with my family. We get a chance to regroup and realize how special we are to each other. We should be living this way everyday. If we are thankful for something we should say it! We should live in an attitude of thankfulness for all of our blessings. We should focus on our all of the many ways that we are blessed! I for one have an amazing husband and son and our home is full of love. I have wonderful parents, an awesome brother and great sister-in-law. I am also, over Thanksgiving holidays about to get my first nephew, which makes this Thanksgiving even more special. There is no greater miracle than new life.  I have a great job and a great boss! I get to do ministry at Oasis with my husband, and we have a wonderful staff and a lot of great teams!! I mean, somebody pinch me.. I have a great life! My God is amazing! So.. leave me a comment, I would love to hear about some of the things you are thankful for in your life!

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