Apples to Oranges

Last night at Oasis I talked about comparing. I was blown away by the response that I got from it. Apparently, this affects way more people than just me.  I talked about how the Bible tells us throughout scripture to not compare ourselves to others. It is amazing how much we do that though. Even as small children, we take our lunch to school and start comparing what we have with what everyone else has.  As we get older, it gets a little more serious.  We either start envying what other people have or we get prideful about ourselves and compare how much better we are.  All of this comparing causes division, depression and confusion.  If it is out of pride, well.. we should understand that if their is anything good in us, it came from God anyway. We shouldn’t be taking the credit for it. There is not better or worse. But man, do we always want to be ranked as better.  If we would turn our focus more towards our relationship with God, we might not do so much comparing. Comparing causes us to look outward and examine everyone else. Rather than examining our own hearts, which can be a little uncomfortable!! We must find contentment. That is the antidote to comparing. We must understand that God made us as an original.  We are not copies of anyone else. We are not flawed… just all very different.  We must learn to be content with who we are. This is easier said than done, but through the Holy Spirit’s help it can be done. You see, God made you and He wants to use you… but if you are not being you.. He can’t.  So quit comparing yourselves.  God is a creative God and comparing His creations to each other is like comparing Apples to Oranges.

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