This past weekend, as we are in our Toxic series, my husband talked about “Toxic Influences”.  I thought it was a wonderful, timely message (yes, I am totally partial… I think that man is amazing).  I myself was really convicted about some little things that I have allowed to seep into our home.  I certainly do not want anything influencing us in a way that could have a negative impact on my family!  I have always felt like it was my responsibility to protect our home from dangerous influences.  It is an instinct that most of us have, to protect our family from danger.  I think we should look at things that could have terrible influences on our children as something we should protect them from.  I am not saying, let your children be so protected that they will not be able to function in society…we do not want to be extreme.. but we should guard our homes.

I recognize that in my life, I have the need to be influenced in a positive way. Yes, I want to influence others, but I need influence myself.  I enjoy reading, a good way for me is to read a book that has influenced someone else in a positive way. (I still test it for myself and make sure it is something that will not have a negative impact on me).  The other way I am best influenced is by worshiping God. It seems that the more I feel His presence, the more I feel His love, which influences and encourages me to reach out and love others… I want a bigger heart.. a heart that God can use.. the best person I can think of to influence me in that way is Jesus…

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