I love this picture!! I took it yesterday in between our two AM services.  My son, Ethan and I meet my husband, Eric in his office after the 9:00 am service to just have a few moments together before the next service.  Eric and I were talking about the service and I happened to notice Ethan had laid down on the rug propped his feet up and was just watching his dad.  I almost told him to get is feet off of the desk, but when I stopped and took a moment to just watch, I had to snap a picture.  So cute!! Totally satisfied  just to be sitting at the foot of his dad’s desk.  I was glad I took notice and just enjoyed this moment.  It thrilled my heart and soul.  Also, got me to thinking about how we as adults should take notes and get before our Heavenly Father and just enjoy being in His presence. Take some moments with the King!

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  1. Beautiful. We could all benefit from sitting at our Father’s feet and just being quite. Thank you for the reminder. I love it when God uses our children to speak to us.

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