New Territory

Last week was crazy! Crazy like a roller coaster! We had some awful trials and some wonderful things happen all in the same week. It was up and down minute to minute. It was to the point where we were just laughing about it, (maybe out of temporary insanity)but still laughing. It started really a couple of weeks ago.. you know just normal life things… insurance going up, bumping your truck into the back of a city truck, the power being out at Sam’s, no chicken noodle soup at Chick-Fil-A, allergic reactions to who knows what, projectors going out, DVD players going out…. you get  the picture.. we all have these weeks.  Also, open doors into local schools (this is huge by the way!) major life changes in people’s lives, we are having to go to 2 services… I mean things are incredible! Then.. I remembered. .. 2 weeks ago on a Wednesday night, my husband taught and prayed the Prayer of Jabez. 1 Chronicles 4:10.  Wow, this week we have seen local church leaders unite, and territory being taken!  The Lord has increased our influence, both as individuals and corporately as a body.  The Lord wants to increase your territory and influence as well.. don’t think it won’t come without a battle though…  Don’t let the enemy convince you that everything you are doing and going through is for nothing.. it is not for nothing.. it is for something bigger than you can even imagine!! You just have to trust that God’s hand is moving even when you can’t see it…

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  1. Hi Toni thanks for sharing. I visited Oasis this past Sun. am and love it. I just moved back to MS from FL where I have been in Ministry school since Katrina at Miracle Faith Center with Dr. Christian and Robin Harfouche. So excited to see a church close that believes like I do. Can’t wait to meet you. I also have been having alot of spiritual warfare and trying to laugh my way through it knowing that God is in control and He will win and that I have the victory already! God Bless yall are in my prayers! Christy

  2. I know everything started going crazy finances, health issues, technology in the church is going bezurk! But all the great opportunities completely out rank all the rough spots going on! And blessings are beginning to take place at home as well. Halter marine is paying for jeremy to go back to school for engineering!!! Our bills are getting easier to pay, our relationship with each other is stronger than ever before. God is doing some amazing things! We have been on the craziest roller coaster lately (as a church)! but the crazier it gets the more blessings are being poured out! Im so excited for the future!

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