Kick it Up a Notch

I was watching Emeril the other day and he used the phrase “Kick it up a Notch”.  It has been in my head for a while now.  Almost everyone I have talked to this week has mentioned something about how rough their week has been.  Vehicle trouble, marriage trouble, money trouble, attitude trouble… it goes on… 🙂    I too had the same kind of week last week. It felt like the bad, and the ugly in my life had been “kicked up a notch”, and” the good” I had forgotten about.  So I got control of my perspective over the weekend. It is amazing how when you stop and take a hard look.. things are never as bad as they seem.  You know you get that feeling where you know you need to stop and self-evaluate, but you also know it is going to mean you are going to have to get out of your whoa is me state of mind… and let’s face it .. we all like that state of mind sometimes.  So I did, realized ( as I already knew) how blessed I am.  Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of that.  So, we might have to get the car fixed, we may have to apologize to our spouse, we might even have to save money…   Big deal.. God will help us through it.  Anyway.. I have decided to “kick it up a Notch” myself… I am kicking up my determination to enjoy doing life together with my family and friends and not let the bad and the ugly take over.

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