Don’t Dwell on the Past

Yesterday’s “At the Movies” series at Oasis was awesome.  The message that was brought out through the life of Johnny Cash really makes you think.  Especially about dwelling on the past.  A lot of us do that. We let the mistakes of our own and others dictate our future. We let it determine who we are instead of finding out who God says we are.  There is another side to dwelling on the past I was reminded of this morning. Isaiah 43:18 says “Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past.”  Sometimes we dwell on good things that were in the past that we should let go of also.  I know some people who dwell on who they were in high school. .. the head cheerleader or football player.   They seem to always be trying to get back to who they were in high school or some other good point in their lives.  Life moves forward and so should we. We shouldn’t be dwelling on the past, good or bad. We should be enjoying the life we are living right now.
It is hard to drive forward while looking in the rear view mirror!!

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