The Pursuit

Hmmmm…. so how about the declaration of Independence says we have the right to the “pursuit of happiness”.  This is considered one of our unalienable rights. A right given to us by our Creator.  At least that is what the authors of the Declaration of Independence thought about it.  I thought it was weird that it didn’t say “life, liberty and happiness” nope.. “the pursuit of happiness”.  They already figured out that most of us spend our lives pursing happiness but never attain true joy.  Pursing the heart of God will make you realize that God’s heart for you is life, liberty and happiness. He wants you to be happy and love life. What a waste not to enjoy what God has given you.  Anyway, just thinking.. just a side note from what I talked about Wednesday night!

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  1. WOW. I can’t stop thinking of PURSUIT… I was truly inspired and touched. Thanks for allowing our GOD to speak through you. It is nice to know that the “simplicity of the GOSPEL” is not lost…

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