A Window of Perspective

As I sit here at my desk today staring out my wonderful window, I can see the road, trees, beautiful sky and every now and then an airplane coming in for a landing or taking off.  I wonder about what Ethan and Eric are doing right now. I think about a grateful I am to have a nice office and great view. I use this window to gain a little perspective throughout my day. I may be really busy some days and take a minute to look out my window and remember how beautiful life is. I may be not so busy and look out my window to think about everyone else who is really busy and what else I could be doing right now to help them.  It helps me remember that outside that window is a great big world and for now, this moment, my place in this world is right here at this window; safe, sound and working.  I wish all of those that I love have their own little “window” today that helps them gain perspective on this amazing life God has blessed us with.  For now.. I am going to find a nice cup of coffee to enjoy at my window.

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