Spring Fling

Ok.. Spring has  sprung.  Pollen is everywhere!! Glad when that part is over.  Already this spring, I have been flung into a new career. Back into the business world I go.  Lots of changes, however it all seems so natural. I know that God definitely put it all together.  I must say that it was a very hard decision.  I struggled with having a secular career, especially as a very involved “Co-Pastor” of Oasis.  I mean could that really be the direction God was leading me to.  It is funny how things work out, my husband happens to be in a series called “Losing Your Religion”… I realized maybe that was just it.  Why couldn’t I be a successful Co-Pastor and have successful career.  Maybe in my mind I thought, or religion had taught me that I shouldn’t do that, that being a pastor’s wife meant I should always be there aggravating my husband :)!   Anyway, I am thankful for God using my husband through Oasis to not think so narrowly about what God can use me to do. 

So, here I go being flung into change… just thought I would share!!!!!!!!!!!!