Don’t Major on the Minor

My husband said this Sunday in his message.  WOW!! How true is that.  We soooooo major on minor things.  It is so easy to get all wrapped up in all the stupid little stuff. I myself have caught myself fussing for a while about something small or getting frusterated over small stuff and then thinking.. wow that was a complete waste of time.  Focusing so much on small unimportant things takes our focus off of the important things.  Like if you complain and focus on all of your husband’s small flaws, then you start to get annoyed by them… you are missing the major picture! You are not focusing on all of the good about him! I know my husband didn’t marry me because I am perfect.  We all have flaws and most of us 😉 have more good qualities than bad, we should focus on the good!! It is funny how if we have a bad day, we focus on that.. we make a huge major deal about it and lose focus on the fact that now we are home with our wonderful families!! Let small things stay small!  The major things in my life should take their rightful place.. they are God, my family, church, work….  The minor things should stay minor..   Just a reminder (mainly to myself) keep the first things first!

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