Stop the Madness

It is only Tuesday, and wow has it been a crazy week.  I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am in the middle of a huge battle.  Weird… that is how I have been feeling.. just weird.  I have found myself focusing on the weird  feeling. Trying to figure it out, try to put my finger on it, praying about it.  It seems every time I turn around I am confronted with something or someone 🙂 that is just weird.  I haven’t really known what I need to do or deal with.  Well, this m0rning.. we lost my grandmother to a long battle with cancer.  All of a sudden, my family needed me.  Not to consult them, but handle things that they couldn’t tend to right now.  You know.. when my focus was shifted from all of this weirdness to being there for someone that I love, that weirdness faded into the background.  Then, God sent someone along my path that has a lot of crazy stuff going on, but felt the need to be there for me for a minute… and they started feeling better!  So maybe.. this weirdness and all those people popping crazy pills are just distracting us from the people we need to be there for.  So. stop the madness. Quit paying attention to how weird it is.. and disconnect from those being weird so you can connect with the people God has assigned you to today!

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