I didn’t even know I needed it…

You know it is weird that most of the time I don’t even know what I need.  What is quite amazing however, is that God always does.  It’s crazy but, you know we all have those selfish thoughts… feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, taken for granted or pushed aside.  I tend to be pretty good at giving those over to God and moving on.  But, God even cares about all of those thoughts.  It is amazing to me how attentive He is to us, if we just take the time to listen.  I, like everyone else, deal with those “me” thoughts, knowing the whole time that they are just distractions that try to derail me from my course. I very seldom talk about them or bring any attention to them. However, the other day one of my customers at Red Cup came in and out of the blue gave me a scripture that he felt like God had laid on his heart for me.  After I got off, I immediately went to look it up, it is amazing to me how much I needed that scripture.  How badly I needed to hear that Word from God and I didn’t even know I needed it……


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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I was having the start of a day of grieving that I still have from time to time. I just call it my heavy day when the hurts of missing my son comes up and I have trouble letting go of the heaviness.Today was totally different.I know everything has its season and today God gave me a song that went from sorrow and loss to shear ecstacy with a single word that pain is mine I traded you for it.PRAISE GOD that he is my every need

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