New Blog: Don’t Build the Tent and Pitch the Altar!

We tend to build our tents and pitch the altar.  We as Christians tend to spend less time building altars in our lives than we should.  Most of us are too busy building our tents.  Our tents should be pitched.  Nothing should be considered permanent. We should always have a perspective that at any time God could change the direction of our lives and require us to let go of some things.  I do not want to be so rooted in something that the Holy Spirit can not replant me.  Don’t get me wrong, we all want nice homes and things and God doesn’t mind us having those.. they just shouldn’t have us.  We focus too much time building ourselves our own little kingdoms and we lose sight of the Kingdom of God.  We just kinda pitch the altar to the side.  We need to be building altars in our lives.  Counseling sessions, crying, complaining, silent treatments.. none of these things can help us like building an altar before the Lord.  We are usually scared to do that because sometimes we know it will require a sacrifice.  Most of the time in requires us humbling ourselves before God and even repenting.  So, I encourage you… pitch your tent and build an altar!!

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