Working all things out….

There is a scripture that states God works all things to good for those who believe… It is not always easy to rely on that in the middle of trying times.  However, I do believe it and take God at His word.  There are so many different things going on in everyone’s lives that it is crazy! It is a great honor to be able to watch God move in people’s lives. There are so many things that God is working out right now and so many people starting to see breakthrough in their lives! I myself have been in a season of change. Just God working some things out in me and I am now able to see a small direction of why and how… Faith comes in to play in those times you can’t always see God moving. You just have to trust that He is.

There seems to be a theme going around at Oasis.  Eric starts a message series Sunday called “Unstoppable” .  We have just hired a new youth pastor who is so inspired by the passage of scripture that talks about dry bones! Instead of dry bones, he sees an army! So.. God is putting together an Unstoppable Army!!! Hmm…  He is working things out that are huge.. putting all the pieces together! I just want to encourage you that if it feels like nothing is being worked out in your life.. turn it over to God. Trust that He loves you and is working all things out for your good.  Sometimes, how we act where we are.. determines how long we stay there.  Don’t be a hinderance to your own breakthough.  Spend time with God, develop a relationship with Him so He can mold you and change you.. and you too can be Unstoppable!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hey Toni,
    this was great! I was listening to Your Love Never Fails while reading this blog and they were singing the part – All things work together for our good! How awesome is that?! So great to see the work the Lord is doing through you and Eric. Keep up His work! Love you guys!

  2. I love this blog. Its hitting home to where I find myself right now. It is so amazing to get still in the presence of God and realiee that he is in control and when we release the “idea” that we are in control and surrender and bind ourselves to his timing and his will..what a freedom in Jesus! Thank you for this blog and sharing your heart. You are such a blessing and your ministry has touched my life forever

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