New Blog: A Box of Rice

Wow! What a week! The Lord is definately still stretching me.. but the painful part is over!!  Last week, and what a week it was, I got home from church and realized that I had lost my phone! My husband found it outside in a puddle of water, completely submerged. An iphone mind you, no warranty, no protection plan!! AHHHH.. to say the least. It came on but had no sound.  So… I blow dried it and then stuck it in a box of rice overnight. Would you believe that the rice actually drew the moisture out of the speakers and the next morning it worked!! Hmm.. Praise the Lord!!

I realized that the God was using rice to teach me something.. that is right.. rice.  Just like the rice absorbed the water from my phone, I was absorbing the problems of everyone around me.  Taking on responsabilities that God did not intend for me to take.  I was absorbing so much, I was about ready to pop!! There is a huge differnce in dealing with issues and actually allowing those issues to influence me in any way.  God is teaching me to handle things without absorbing them.  So.. since then my week has improved drastically.. letting go and letting God! Seems so simple, yet in order to do it.. I have to continually allow God to renew my spirit. So.. I would like to encourage you to spend some time with God.. allow Him to renew your spirit…  You never know what he will use to do it! Maybe even a box of rice!!

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  1. Toni,
    This was so insightful. I am so amazed at the way you referenced the absorption of moisture from a box of rice to the absorption of other people’s problems. That can happen all too easily. Why so we as humans tend to do that?

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