Thought this might be fun…

I have not blogged much.. but I thought it might be fun!! So.. my blogs will be full of random, real life stuff!!! Like today for example.. I know that God is doing something great in me…. but it doesn’t feel great at the moment.  I feel very stretched.  I am at the place where I am don’t know what He is doing, but I know He is preparing me for something.  Stretching is tough.  Changing is tough. Have you ever felt like He was changing something in you and you were actually fighting against it…. thinking the whole time “this is gonna be hard”???? I guess it is like Jody Pittman’s jujitsu class. I have been watching some of those taking this class. It is hard work! They are sore, some of them look pretty beat up!! Ha! But, they are really getting into shape and developing muscles!! So… Lord… develop my spiritual muscles! I know He is helping me grow closer to Him!!

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  1. Toni, I’ve been in that place….and it was just a few months ago. I’m praying for you as go through this season in your life that you won’t feel stretched, but you will feel peace as you go through these changes. Change is very scary, but He will lead you as you step through those doors.

  2. One of my fav songs is “He’s still working on me; to make me what he wants me to be”
    Stretching is not always a bad thing. Whether it is physical or mental the purpose is to prepare us for what comes next. This past year I was stretched tremendously. Hospitalized 6 times….never doubting God’s purpose for me but I did have a little conversation with the Devil….just had to remind him my name is not Job & he does not need to test me. I will never blame God for the devils attempts to sabotage my faith. I am so thankful to be able to attend Oasis & when I cannot, I can always view it online. Thank you for moving your family and leading Oasis & it’s members! 🙂

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